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Metro Removals

Metro Removals are a well established family-run removals company based in Kettering. They offer a wide range of services including residential removals, commercial removals, overseas removals, and storage services.

The Challenge

Before we came on board, their existing website was dated, cluttered, unresponsive, and the overall user experience was lacking. They already had an established brand but the website no longer reflected the quality of the company and its services.

Our goal was to streamline the website as much as possible. We wanted to produce a clean website that would be easy to navigate for users of all ages and all devices, including mobile and tablet.

Our Approach

Initially, we produced a prototype of the website using industry leading software. This allowed us to meticulously plan the design before starting work on the development.

It also allowed the client to see our vision for the website right from the get go. With the website prototype, they could view every page design from their browser.

Metro Removals Website

The Process

Upon completion of the design, we started work on a custom WordPress website. We built the website in-house, from the ground up.

This enabled us to produce our bespoke design on a platform which would allow for efficient and effective SEO for years to come.

Metro Removals Design
Metro Removals Website Screenshot

The Result

The finished result is a clean and modern website that is easy to use and fully mobile responsive. Metro Removals now have a website which reflects their brand and the quality of service they offer.

What’s more, the website is built for SEO, allowing Metro Removals to reach out to a huge audience online.

Metro Removals Website on mobile

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